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New Era Overflow Inc

Aid Us in Our Ambition

Support our cause to help survivors of torture from other countries through donations. Any amount will be much appreciated.

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Operation Regain Hope

New Era Overflow Inc is moving forward on an initiative to assist survivors of torture from other countries who are currently residing in Detroit, Michigan and the rest of the United States. Individuals and their families will benefit from these funds.

We will be providing holistic and integrated services, including medical, psychological, legal, and social work referrals. Clothing, food, and assistance with temporary housing will also be provided.

Support for this cause displays unity within the United States, emphasizing multiculturalism and moving forward as a nation with a diverse population. Your support incredibly humbles our company. We will work diligently to assist those direct survivors of torture from other countries and their families who reside in our country while creating employment and contracts in the United States for minorities.

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